early morning october

My letterbox is empty
I rejoice –

Have you ever had the sense
that you should be hallucinating
a wary voice
that you’re not

skipping the lighter tiles

how is it that you never call
has speech become such a leftover
analog passé

thirteen blackbirds on my mind

the pavement is purple
and bruised from neighbors
spray painting bicycle

I follow my traces through this –
unconditional room
looking for you

dear friend

this morning was too long
to hear the machine
requiring maintenance

we write in a darkness
I rejoice

~ von gedichtblog - 27. Oktober 2013.

9 Antworten to “early morning october”

  1. My letterbox is also empty… there’s no friend I’m lookin‘ for…
    autumn darkness…

    • Empty letterboxes – no bills, no rejection letters, no demands, no one ever wrote anything nice anyway, the age of letters gone by, reduced to bearers of bad news – one might remember better days but really: let us close the curtains and keep to the darkness a bit longer, warm sheets and memories.

      • why not… actually… ?
        warm sheets and…. memories… it’s so cold in here, tonight.

  2. Alexander (wenn erlaubt…) what about „early morning december“ ?

    • I’m staging a play I wrote, which tends to occupy my early December mornings ;)
      It’s also too cold to spray paint bicycles, I guess ;)

  3. Oh, well then… enjoy it! ;)
    Too cold, yes… grrr then… „let us close the curtains and keep to the darkness a bit longer, warm sheets and memories.“ ;)

  4. And… Alexander… congrats!!! :)

  5. Guten Rutsch, Alexander! (I’ll take a break.) ;-)

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